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Happy Birthday Mop!

It’s my birthday! Well, the day the hoomans have decided to treat as my birthday so, in some ways I guess, I am five years old today! Looking good for a girl with five years under my belt, aren’t I!

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Favourite Place to Sit

I reckon all animals, great and small need a favourite place to sit. The hoomans have their comfy rocks in the other room to sit on but whee have to make do with the comfort of our own cage. Billy

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New Course of Action

Hey guys! It’s Billy here. As the hooman said, I went back the vets today and they have given me a new regime. Step 1) Give me a horrible bath to wash all the oil of my fur. Step 2)

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Back to the Vets

Billy is back off to the vets shortly but nothing seems to be working! The oils rehydrated his skin, the bugs really should have gone after a course of 4 injections which is supposed to work with only 2 doses.

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Guinea Pig Babies’ Playtime

Cupcake and the bubs have a playtime in a pen I set up in the lounge for them!

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What Do You Mean… Not For Rabbits?

Is this not a rabbit bed? And this a rabbit mat? No, no it’s not. These rabbits really do think they own the place! They even went in my cage while my nails were being clipped and started to eat

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Pile of Pigs

Children, sit nicely for the camera. You’re all going to be allowed to say hello to our friends today. Really mum? Yes, darling. Now, are you ready? Hey there furfriends! My name’s Cookie, I’m the biggest and the bravest of

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