Back to the Vets

Billy is back off to the vets shortly but nothing seems to be working! The oils rehydrated his skin, the bugs really should have gone after a course of 4 injections which is supposed to work with only 2 doses.

We really don’t know what to do next… We’re beginning to fear there could be something more sinister, or perhaps physiological, about his endless itch. He has begun to bite at the air, nibbles at his paws and also does this to his back.

WARNING – this image shows blood.


A very, very worried hooman xx

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6 comments on “Back to the Vets
  1. I can’t imagine that a good vet would be unable to figure this out – obviously he’s in either a lot of pain or a lot of “itch” ! I hope they get it sorted asap.

    Sam and Pam

    • I hope so to! We told her it wasn’t working so she gave us a new treatment to try, thank goodness – 4 courses of very strong insecticide isn’t good for such a little guy…

  2. What is the skin like? Is it scaly? It could be a fungal if it is spreading at all. I’d suggest you google Gorgeous Guinea Pigs and contact the lovely lady there for advice. She is an expert on all sorts of skins issues for guinea pigs


    • His skin is scaly, yes, but the vet did a skin scrape yesterday and looked at it beneath the microscope. Apparently the little creatures on him weren’t killed off by the insecticide, either because he didn’t react to it like he should have done or because it was the wrong method. We have Xenon Spot-on to try now and if this doesn’t work I think I’ll take your advice and constant the lady. The skin scrape, however, has made us pretty sure that there are still bugs on him that are annoying him so, back to square one I guess – eliminate creatures!

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