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Cocoa In The Herb Garden

Our run out in the garden is one the hoomans bought from the local petstore a few years back and they are forever complaining about it. “It’s very poorly designed with only one door at one end, making it hard

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Break In The Rain

When whee woke up this morning it wasn’t raining! All of us checked outside, looking up at the big patio doors which stand at the end of our room to see what the weather was deciding to do today. For

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Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Hey guys! Pip here, yeah, it’s me again. Oh I missed you all lots, sent little wheeks to you each night, I did! The weather has been absolutely pawful these last few days. Rain non-stop. Whee were given a few

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Dusty Doo

Hello effurybody, Dusty here. I have the blog today because I was given a haircut and a bath. Being both long-haired and a boar I have the worst of both worlds. My long hair picks up sawdust and trails it

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So, So Sorry

I apologise profusely for my absence the last few days. I have had a ridiculously busy bank holiday ‘wheekend’ and pray you will furgive a silly ol’ hooman like me. Our three little pigs went to one of my Mum’s

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An Award Coming Up Soon

Whee have been given an award by our dear friend, Bacon. Whee pigs will be posting about it at the wheekend so that whee have time to do all the links to all our nominees. Once again, sorry for our

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Good View From Up Here

I was having a cuddle with my hooman Mummy and I found a nice little place to sit. It’s warm and cosy up here under the chin. Then, realising that I was right under the ear, I chose a perfect

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