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Silent Sunday – Meerkat Mum

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Saturday Stars – Holly

Whee thought whee would introduce you to our cousin-kitty today. Holly lives with our Mummy’s aunt and is one spoilt cat, hehe! She is a gorgeous tortoiseshell with a bit of an attitude! She is stunning, isn’t she? Holly does

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Show and Tell for Bacon

Hey guys! It’s time for another show and tell which is run by our buddy, Bacon. If I remember correctly, last time I shared all about my 11 meerkat toys. Well, a brief update, I now have 13, yay! But

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Mad Hair Friday

Hehe, look at my hair! I reckon I need a comb. Dusty xx

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Shopping Around The World

Whee participated in┬áBacon and Fozzie’s shopping around the world this time! Here is what whee and the hoomans discovered. The theme for today’s ‘Shopping Around the World’ was ‘What whee can’t live without!’ This will make sense to you when

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It Didn’t Record – Argh!

The hooman had lined up a very special treat for you today. Something occurred which, she believed she had recorded. While her friends were over she wanted to show them what whee could do. So, with due course, she placed

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She Finally Grew…

A bit that is! I did grow, honest! While our hoomans were away I ate all the lovely nommy things the Grandpawrent hoomans bought us to make sure I got bigger. Of course, that was my only reason for eating

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