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What Are YOU Doing?

I was having a likkle photoshoot with Mummy… When all of a sudden, when her back was turned… POOF! There was an elf on my back. “We were just having a cuddle, human, honest!” Squeak. Cupcake xx Advertisements

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Timmy’s Thursday Tales: Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all those people across the sea in that fine place we know as America. As I live in England now I do not celebrate this day but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate what it means for

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Whee Love This Song!

Whee pigs are often lucky enough to sit with our Mummy while she is doing work, cuddled up in bed or watching the TV. This introduces us to a lot of hooman culture, as you can well imagine. You already

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Shining Silent Sunday

I just found this old picture of Whizz and Dusty, they’re glowing! The hooman xx

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Timmy’s Thursday Tales: Home

I was brought into this world by our dear little pig friend, Bacon. But a life across the pond beckoned to me… Well, after a long and arduous journey I have arrived! Arduous, isn’t that a big word? Arrrrduuuouus. Nah,

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One day, many long months ago, I asked you dearies a question which you very kindly answered. I said: “Would you rather face a dozen guinea-pig sized horses or a dozen horse sized guinea-pigs?” Mummy’s model horses were nice enough

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Buying Affection

Sometimes the fastest way to our hearts is through our stomachs. Our aunt bought this for Mum’s hamster. We’d have been a better but hey ho, I guess Misty can have it. Buying affection, DEFINATELY, done right! Pip xx

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