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Our Turn Next?

Well I looked outside the other day, staring through the big clear wall to the garden and what did I see? The rabbits! The hoomans had taken them out for a run on the grass. Oh, how I long to

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Stand on the Scales

Whee had a weigh-in today! I weighed a large 1450g, the hoomans say that I’m too tubby. I disagree, its all muscle ladies! My friends also got weighed. Cupcake weighed only 600g but, then again, she is a little pig.

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Whizz Pig

Whizz, my beautiful Peruvian X Abyssinian passed away on October 20th last year. He is a wonderful, gorgeous beautiful boy and I miss him every day. He never put a paw wrong and was lovely to everyone. He has left

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A Not So Sunny Sunday

Well, I looked outside this morning and the sun was shining in! Accordingly I settled myself down in a corner of the cage where the sun shone through the window, right onto me. It was lovely and warm and I

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We’re not the only creatures living off our piggy-slaves, it seems! There are rabbits here too! Sharing our veg supply and eating our green spaghetti… Grumble… Meet Rosie (the chinchilla mini lop) and Thistle (the harlequin mini X dwarf lop.)

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A Little Revision Snack…

Recently our hooman has been getting me out of the cage a lot. I sit on an old towel on her bed while she does all her revishun, I guess she just likes the company! It was the same old

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Meet the ‘Pigs

First off, me! My name is Pip. My hoomans consider me a bit of a terror, I’m very noisy and like to get into all sorts of trouble. I don’t mind a cuddle, from time to time, but I prefer

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