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The Hooman

Hello everyone, it’s Susannah here. I’m the Piggy-Mum to Mop, Billy, Cupcake, Pip and Cocoa. Since November, I have not posted. I supposed that makes it roughly 5-6 months which is quite shocking I guess. You see… Recently, I have

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Shining Silent Sunday

I just found this old picture of Whizz and Dusty, they’re glowing! The hooman xx

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National Poetry Day

The first of October was a very hard day, For Dusty grew his white wings and he flew away. Yet we weren’t the only ones with pain last night, For both Teddy and Humphrey had gone to the light. So

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Dearest Dusty – Rest In Peace Little Man

Many of you may have noticed how I’ve been quiet this past week. I put that down to my own illness and stress at school. It was true, I have been down with a cold that made my throat feel

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Pet Memorial Day

Sadly whee don’t have photos of all the pets that our Mummy has had in her time here upon Earth, yet whee do have some of the more recent ones. These all passed last year, sadly, in the space of

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Coloured Balls

Cloudy, or as he is more commonly known, Cloudy-Pop came to have a run in my room today in his ball. Misty joined him in hers so I had two merrily running hamsters tearing around all over my floor! Also,

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Show and Tell for Bacon

Hey guys! It’s time for another show and tell which is run by our buddy, Bacon. If I remember correctly, last time I shared all about my 11 meerkat toys. Well, a brief update, I now have 13, yay! But

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