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Tired Tuesday

Whee’re planning to be back soon, guys! Thanks for your pawtience effurybody. Cocoa xx Advertisements

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Mummy’s Still Not Well

Whee are very sorry for our silence. Our Mummy is having trouble at the minute with school and she’s pawly as well. Not good, eh?

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Big Pig, Little Pig

I have finally come to the conclusion that I am massive compared to Cocoa. Can’t help it, mind, I’m big boned and she ain’t but I don’t half feel weird standing beside her sometimes. The hooman thinks it’s funny. Heh,

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Broccoli Bonanza

Whee weren’t expecting anything special today. Broccoli is a treat for us, you see, so whee were just relaxing around, nomming on hay and the odd nugget. Cocoa was bothering me, like normal, trying to get my attention. “I’m busy,

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Wordless Wednesday – Fluffier Than Me

I had a hair cut, sweeties but it looks like this here toy of Mummy’s didn’t! Mop xx

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Sunshine Through The Window

Cupcake xx

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Pet Memorial Day

Sadly whee don’t have photos of all the pets that our Mummy has had in her time here upon Earth, yet whee do have some of the more recent ones. These all passed last year, sadly, in the space of

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