Earth Day

Hey guys! It’s me, Pip! Did you miss me? I haven’t done a post in a while. Both me and Mop are here today but I reckon I’ll keep hold of the typing-machine. I am the more awesome pig after all.

Shh, don’t tell Mop I said that…

Well, whee heard that today is Earth Day. Me being young, naive and innocent didn’t know what this was. So, I went to the oldest pig in the house for some answers.


Apparently Earth Day is all about educating people on how to care for the Earth. Sounds good to me, whee need this old planet to live on!

The Earth gives us water, carrots, nuggets, carrots, air, oh and carrots! It really is a pawesome place!


I’ll be back with more posts later, guys! Don’t miss me, tehe!
Pip xx

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2 comments on “Earth Day
  1. Happy Earth day! You guys are as cute as ever!

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