Pile of Pigs

Children, sit nicely for the camera. You’re all going to be allowed to say hello to our friends today.

Really mum?

Yes, darling. Now, are you ready?


Hey there furfriends! My name’s Cookie, I’m the biggest and the bravest of my siblings. I’m ginger and white with a little chocolate chip black spot on my head. The hoomans thought I was a boy, pah, as I was so forward going but after rudely turning me upside down they now think I’m a girl. Thank you very much hoomans! Please keep your hands to yourself.

They might have reckoned that Cookie was a boy but I, Cocoa, appear to actually be a boy. Whee just go along with what they say at this age, whee only have tiny bottoms, tehe! I am also very adventurous and prefer to run around, exploring while my boring sisters all sit in a row sleeping. I mean, who wouldn’t want to explore around the cage? I’m the most handsome of the babies, I reckon, my brown agouti fur is second to none!

Hi there, it’s my turn now. I’m Cinnamon and I am also believed to be a girl. I am slightly independent but not as much as Cookie and Cocoa. I like to know where my mum is at all times and I have a very powerful set of lungs on me! I am ginger with a light brown dusting on my head and a cinnamon bun bum.

H- Hey… My name is C- Carrot. I’m very shy and can’t s- squeak very loudly. I’m very small… I like to stay close to my m- mum so she can’t keep me safe… I’m not adventurous at all and w- won’t try anything until my siblings have. I’m g- ginger and white and very cute…

Cupcake and babies xx

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4 comments on “Pile of Pigs
  1. Hi little ones! Sending tiny and gentle hugs to all of you…..you’re so cute!!!

    Hugs, Sammy

  2. OMGoodness, Cupcake! Your babies are very cute and adorable (and handsome). Give them some kisses for me.

    Love and licks,

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