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And They Called It Rabbit Love

Hey! Yeah you. Rosie here. I know right, a post from me. Isn’t it pawesome? I finally managed to persuade the wee piggies to let ol’ Rosie have a turn! So… I thought I’d show you a bit of my

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Mother’s Day

Whee have only just found out from the hooman that whee mothers have a day all to ourselves! I hope this means whee get pampered all day, Mop! I’m sure whee will, Cupcake. Now I am the mother to Dusty

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Grass is Good

For babies and their Mummy too! What with my little ‘squiggles’ growing by the day I am eating more and more – I just can’t get enough of food! Billy isn’t too happy about it but, hay, I’m eating for

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Something Fur Us?

Oh hullo dere Mom, ‘ave ye got summat fer us? What’s that Thistle just said? Something fur us? Quick, let’s have a look! Please Mum, is there something fur us? Oh please, Mum! Please! Please! Please! Success! Nom, nom, nom…

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Fursday Furspective

“PREY” – a poem Out in the yard, Grass green beneath. Pause, eat – a rush. Eyes up and on. Birds sing, danger? Don’t know. Only flee. Run to safety. Dark shadows – hide. Then I run again, Scamper quick,

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Nibbles and Needles

Billy’s second injection… Whee, me and Cupcake, went back to the vets today for my second injection. I was not very happy at all when the needle was stuck in my scruff and I almost bit my Mummy! I’m sorry

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Another Award!

Two posts in one day, a new record for us pigs! Whee were going to wait until Thursday to tell you about our new awards but whee just simply couldn’t wait! The other day whee were awarded The Sunshine Award

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