Nibbles and Needles

Billy’s second injection…

Whee, me and Cupcake, went back to the vets today for my second injection. I was not very happy at all when the needle was stuck in my scruff and I almost bit my Mummy! I’m sorry I was just telling her that I was not happy at all with what she was doing. Luckily my hooman is rehearsed in moving her hands swiftly out of the way or I would have given her a nasty nip!

After my second injection I will hopefully not need another one as I do not like them at all! My Mummy wants to be a vet and I have no idea why – does she like sticking needles in piggies like me?

No Billy, I… Shhh, hooman!

So that should hopefully be my last trip to the vets for a mite injection. If I don’t completely stop nibbling myself then I may need another one, other than that I should be needle-free for a while, all being well!

Here’s a cute picture of me and Cupcake in the jail carry case!


Billy xx

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2 comments on “Nibbles and Needles
  1. Oh Billy – hope it is the last injection! Of course she doesn’t like injections, silly 😉 She just wants you to be 100%

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