Mother’s Day

Whee have only just found out from the hooman that whee mothers have a day all to ourselves!

I hope this means whee get pampered all day, Mop!

I’m sure whee will, Cupcake.
Now I am the mother to Dusty and Whizz, Cupcake has her ‘squiggles’ and then whee remembered, our Mummy is mother to us! This means she needs a little appearance on today’s post, right? Just to say thank you to her.


Look, can you see? Whee are sitting on her lap!

And a very comfy lap it is too, eh Mop?



I however, prefer the shoulder – you get a much better vantage point, tehe!


Happy Mother’s Day!

Wheeks and love to you all,
Cupcake and Mop xxx

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4 comments on “Mother’s Day
  1. Great job featuring your mom! Wait. What??

    Love and licks,

  2. You guys are so adorable :-). xx

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