Something Fur Us?


Oh hullo dere Mom, ‘ave ye got summat fer us?


What’s that Thistle just said? Something fur us?


Quick, let’s have a look! Please Mum, is there something fur us?


Oh please, Mum! Please! Please! Please!


Success! Nom, nom, nom…


Yippee! Carrot! Rosie likes carrot, yeh, Rosie like it an h’awful lot! Munch, crunch, munch…


Um, Mum? Do you mind going away? It’s just, I wanna eat my carrot and feel slightly pawkward with you there so if you could just… Yeah, move back a bit, thanks!


Just settle down Pip, my darling, and eat your carrot.

A combined effort of Pigs and Rabboots xx

Posted in From the Piggy Lips
8 comments on “Something Fur Us?
  1. PoisonWing says:

    Awh, these are just to cute! I love how you made it “them” speaking instead of you talking about them :3

    • Whee don’t speak, whee squeak! But thank you Mr. PoisonWing sir fur saying that whee are cute. Our Mummy is telling us to tell you that she says hi and that she wants to say thank you fur visiting our blog!
      The Pigs (and their Mum/Merlin) xx

  2. Bongo says:

    I like carrots too. As a matter of fact, my person was just eating some and I talked her out of one.

    • How wise of you Bongo, got any tips as to how whee can convince our hoomans to give us their veggies? Whee squeak and chew the bars but it doesn’t always work!
      The Pigs xx

      • Bongo says:

        I don’t know Pigs. I was lucky to get that carrot. Except when my person is chopping up veggies, if I hang out in the kitchen she tosses me the ends.

      • That’s furry tricky fur us, you see Bongo as whee are confined to cages! Whee know our hooman used to share her carrots with Whizz if she had him out on her lap at the time, purhaps whee should just look ultra cuddly when she is eating our food?
        The Pigs xx

  3. ahh you have rabbits as well sweet xx

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