And They Called It Rabbit Love


Hey! Yeah you. Rosie here. I know right, a post from me. Isn’t it pawesome? I finally managed to persuade the wee piggies to let ol’ Rosie have a turn! So… I thought I’d show you a bit of my friendship with Thistle!

Me and Thistle are very close. I love him. He loves me. We are hardly ever apart – I mean, how could I leave him? He is the sweetest thing! My big, handsome man who protects me from that terror Pip. Such a hero!

He also helps me with an eye problem that I have. I was born with a watery eye – terrible right?! The vet said it was nothing, just an over-active tear duct but that it would need washing every day to stop my eye from sticking together! Yuck, humans washing my eye! So I was like, hey, how about I ask my OH? He willingly obliges and cleans my eye every day! Isn’t he super? Such a star.


Well that’s all from me. The piggies would be annoyed if I hogged “their” blog for too long! Ta ta for now. Talk to you later. See you all. Bye and all that, wot wot?

Rosie xx

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