Red Kites

A couple of summers ago whee pigs spent nearly all our time out in the garden. Mop, Billy and Muffin would be in a large pen while me and Whizz had the run of the yard all to ourselves. Then whee got some new unwanted neighbours – the Red Kites. Now our hoomans have to be careful when they let us out for a run in the garden in case Mr. and Mrs. Kite decide that they want to eat us.

Whee still get a lot of time out on the grass but because of our big-scary-bird neighbours whee can’t run free all the time like whee used to! Mummy loves to watch the kites when she is out riding but whee find them furry scary indeed!


Look how big it is – whee think it wants to eat us all up!

Dusty xx

PS. Whee have won some more awards which whee will be posting about soon!

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2 comments on “Red Kites
  1. He looks HUNGRY! Your mom is smart to watch you like a hawk…. Wait. What?

    Love and licks and HIDE,

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