How Whee Found Our Home

With Cupcake’s babies due-date drawing closer I thought I’d tell you all how each of us guys got here.

Mop was purchased from the local Garden-Store-Pet-Shop in June 2009. She, and her friend Muffin, came to live in this house after a strange turn of events. Our hoomans had two guinea-pigs, Nutmeg and Kiara, and a friend’s pig, Toffee, came to stay while her Mummy was on holiday. While she was here Kiara sadly passed away. Both Nutmeg and Toffee had therefore both lost a friend recently and both were greatly distressed. As they stopped eating the hoomans made the decision to put the two together in the hope that it would cheer them up – it did! Nutmeg went home with Toffee’s owners as they couldn’t bare to separate them as it became apparent that they were already extremely close! Mop and Muffin then came to live here, our hoomans planning to only have two guinea-pigs.

Mop had different ideas! When they purchased her they had no idea that she was pregnant. When Mummy went away in August 2009, Mop went to stay at Nan-Nan hooman’s house where she gave birth to her two little boys! Me, Dusty, being one of them. Whizz was the other and whee were simply too wonderful for the hooman’s to give away and, so, whee found our furever home with the only home that whee have ever known!


Then a friend wanted to breed some babies from her guinea-pig, Chestnut. Any babies that were going to be born had already been found homes with people that whee knew. However, she didn’t have a boy pig of her own so Whizz ‘the Stud’ Pig did his job and soon Billy was on the scene.

Pip came along when Whizz passed away in October 2013. The hoomans wanted a little girly pig to go in with Billy, while Mop (who was spayed in August of last year after getting ovarian cysts) was to live with me. It didn’t all go as planned – It turned out Pip was a boy. He then came to live with me fur a little bit but whee fought. My Mop was taken from me and given to Pip. I will never furgive that ginger pig!

That now left two boys without a friend. I, Dusty, handled it furry well but Billy wasn’t so happy. Therefore, when a friend’s guinea-pig had babies, Mummy chose Cupcake and she came to live with us!

That concludes my story telling. Here are the tales of how all five of us came to live at our house.

For I am the teller of tales,
The weaver of dreams.

Dusty xx

PS. The hoomans felt a little wriggle from a baby pig today! Which means it can’t be long now…

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2 comments on “How Whee Found Our Home
  1. What a complex and interesting history you all have – thanks for the telling of tales!

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