Pig English

A friend of ours made a comment on how we guinea-pigs squeak furry good ‘pig English.’ This made our hooman laugh, quite a lot actually…
At first whee didn’t understand why Mummy found this so furry funny, then she explained to us why she was giggling:

1) Whee speak ‘Pig English’ because whee are, in fact, guinea-pigs. I know, what a surprise! Therefore the English whee speak is from a pig.

2) Then she told us how ‘Pig English’ is a term for English that isn’t spoken well, or correctly. Well, I was rather offended by this until she pointed out that whee call the computer the blog-typing-machine and the telly the moving-picture-screen-box.

In the end I relented and agreed that, yes, whee do speak Pig English!


Here’s a photo of me, pondering this latest term. I am a rather studious guinea-pig, am I not?

Love and wheeks for you all, until next time my dears,
Mop xx

Posted in From the Piggy Lips

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