Another Award!

Two posts in one day, a new record for us pigs! Whee were going to wait until Thursday to tell you about our new awards but whee just simply couldn’t wait!
The other day whee were awarded The Sunshine Award and the other day whee were awarded the Collies Choice for Best Blogger Award and the Champions of the Heart Award. Whee are so shocked that whee have won three awards in the space of one wheek and whee are so furry grateful to the hoomans and pets who have awarded them to us!

Both these two new awards were awarded to us by the Collies over at The Collies of the Meadow! Whee have only just recently met them but whee really, really love these guys and being awarded an award from them is just pawesome!

This first award was given to us because whee (apparently) have a furry well written blog! Thank you guys!

This second award is fur our hooman, it is awarded to those whose love, loyalty and care fur their furry loved ones is beyond average. Whee love our Mummy so much and whee don’t know where whee would be without her, just as she is constantly reminding us that she would be lost without us!

Now to pass these awards on, whee would like to pass them on to:

Clowie over at Clowie’s Corner. Clowie is a Pyrenean mountain dog and her blog is super, whee can tell that her hooman really loves her so whee want to give this award to her!

Thank you so much Collies!
The Pigs xx

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