Today’s The Day

As some of you may know, it was GCSE exam results day today! Eek! How exciting. Our Mummy duly headed off this morning to collect them after many piggie cuddles to help calm her nerves. She had a cuddle with Billster (hehe, his nickname, I know right?), Cocoa and me. Yes, I, Mr. Pip, had a little cuddle with my mum.

But, if that wasn’t exciting enough, today was the day I learnt a new trick. Well, they say trick but it’s really just me being nosy. The hooman was sitting in the lounge with me on her lap. I absolutely, totally adore like to explore and so, I hopped off and into the ground (she was sitting on the floor at the time but I have been known to leap off from the sofa when I think nobody is looking…). Then, because me and Mop are living inside at the minute, for a reason I haven’t yet worked out, hmmm…. I headed off to find her!

I walked all the way across the sitting room, around the corner, into the playroom. Then I made my way across the playroom and to my blue cage where I sat down until Mummy caught up with me, opened the door and helped me to leap into it (I’m not as inside-cage-wise as some of my piggy counterparts, having lived outside since the weather warmed up). Aren’t I skilled and modest, of course… Hehehe…

If that wasn’t exciting enough whee had a another family photo. Billy and the ladies sat in the tub and me and Dusty sat either side where whee couldn’t smell each other as Dusty likes to rumble, Billy likes to bite and I like to fight, eek! The days are over when whee three could quickly be put all in a straight row (like in our old family photo) as, due to living inside, I have clocked their presence and have been keeping an eye on them. Making sure they leave my Mop well alone!


Yours truly,
Pip xx

P.S. Shh, guys, it’s the hooman here. Pip is off for his operation tomorrow, if the vet judges him to be in good health (which we are pretty such he will be, seeing how full of beans he was today!) Good wishes, prayers and healing wheeks would be much appreciated for my little man. Hopefully, after this, all of our pigs will be able to have a buddy. Mop will go and live with her son and Cocoa, who hasn’t been getting on all that well with her mother and uncle, will meet our darling Pip. Thanks guys! Oh, and don’t tell him, he doesn’t know that he’s going to lose his manhood yet…

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4 comments on “Today’s The Day
  1. Oh no worries – we’re not about to tell Pip what’s up tomorrow……hoping everything goes well though………..

    Hugs, Sammy

  2. PigLove says:

    Aaaww Pip you are going on an adventure of a life time. Yeah, that’s it. An adventure of a life time. I went on one years ago and came back with these cute little markings on my tummy. They are so neat. When people asked me about them, I tell them I got them from aliens – snorts. We will be thinking of you here at the Hotel Thompson. XOXO – Bacon

    • Ooh, cute little markings you say? Well, as long as they make me even more handsomer than I am already! ~ Pip xx

      Thanks Bacon šŸ™‚ ā¤ Thanks Thompsons šŸ™‚ ~ The hooman xx

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