Missing Manhood

Heheh. Looks like I’m not the only boar here now who isn’t ‘completely man.’ I have been awaiting this revenge for a very long time. There was Pip, teasing me about the fact that I didn’t have my manhood and I always used to reply: “At least I get the girls!” But he just didn’t listen. I bet he will now!

Me and Pip were castrated at two different vets. My castration occurred when I was about 9 months old, after I hit my aggressive, powerful stage at the usual 8 months and fought with my father. Rather than let me live on my own I was castrated to live with Mop and her friend, Muffin, who has since gone over the rainbow bridge. My operation went smoothly enough but, rather than stitch up my wounds, I was glued together. An infection set in. Quite a bad one at that. The hoomans had to take me regularly to the vets to get the thick, green pus squeezed out – YUCK!

Pip, however, had his wound stitched up. Though whee don’t really get along I hope no infection sets in, wouldn’t wish that on anyone. It was awful to go through! One check-up is quite enough, thank you and endless trips to be poked and prodded and squeezed aren’t very nice at all.

The first thing whee knew about Pip’s operation is when the dreaded carry cases came out. Thistle also went for an appointment, a weight re-check but he seemed fine enough. He’d lost a bit of weight but he was in the boarding hutch last wheek so it’s understandable as there were many rabbits, piggies, cats and even some dogs!


Then came the question, who was the box for? That question was also soon answered.


Pip was taken to the vets at 9:00am this morning. He returned to us four hours later, having nicely recovered from the anaesthetic gas used while he was operated upon. The hooman’s parting words to the vet this morning were: “He’s a lovely pig. He won’t bite but he is a wriggler. Any opportunity to get to the floor and explore he will take.”
A nurse returned Pip to her this afternoon, commenting: “He’s lively isn’t he! Didn’t take him long to be popcorning around his pen.”
They did warm them, hehe!

All seems fine with Pip, luckily. Whee will keep you updated and, tomorrow, when he’s more awake he will probably talk to you all firsthand. Thanks effurybody,
Billy xx

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6 comments on “Missing Manhood
  1. Herman says:

    Glad to read the little guy is ok! Mr. Bowie says “Meow!”

  2. I know he’s glad to be back home!! Going to the vet is no fun EVER!

    Hugs, Sammy

  3. WE’re so glad that everything is fine with the little one! Happy Friday to you all! 🙂 xx Roxy & Tigerlino ❤

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