Shopping Around The World

Whee participated in Bacon and Fozzie’s shopping around the world this time! Here is what whee and the hoomans discovered. The theme for today’s ‘Shopping Around the World’ was ‘What whee can’t live without!’ This will make sense to you when you see our random item, hehehe!

Here is what whee discovered…

Water. Though water does come from the metal-turn thing the hoomans do occasionally buy bottled water. Whee looked into an 8 pack of 150ml bottles. These cost £1.99 at our local supermarket.

Bath Soap. Whee piggies don’t use bath soap as whee keep ourselves all nice and clean using what God gave us – our tongues! Even when whee do have a bath whee use shampoo but, as Bacon and Fozzie instructed, this is what whee had a look at. At our supermarket whee can get 4 100g bars of honey soap for £1.25.

Deodorant. This is another thing whee piggies don’t use because whee would never, ever smell. Whee are just too cute for that. What do yo mean whee do smell, Mum, don’t be so rude! This object (which is for use on hoomans only because whee pets just don’t need it) costs £3.24.

Laundry Detergent. Now this is where it gets pricey. The Grandaddy hooman is forever complaining about this stuff and tends to get several at a time when a good deal is on. It costs us £6.00 for 35 washes. This might seem a lot but when you consider there are five mucky hoomans in this house that really doesn’t last very long which means the cost quickly adds up!

Carrots! Of course whee had to look into these. Whee just simply can’t live without them! Luckily they only cost 69p per kilo. Also, at the minute there is an offer on. 3 kilos for £1.50. Isn’t that amazing?


Mop xx

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4 comments on “Shopping Around The World
  1. Our prices are quite similiar to your ones. 🙂 Enjoy your carrots, sweeties! 😀 xx Roxy & Tigerlino ❤

  2. PigLove says:

    Oh my dear sweet little friends – I ❤ carrots too! I can't get enough of them EVER! Great shopping list. Thanks so much for pawticipating!! XOXO – Bacon

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