Show and Tell for Bacon

Hey guys! It’s time for another show and tell which is run by our buddy, Bacon. If I remember correctly, last time I shared all about my 11 meerkat toys. Well, a brief update, I now have 13, yay! But that isn’t what today’s post is going to be about because Milky Way and the gang have already had their brief claim to fame. Now I’m going to show you, and tell you all about, my 58 Schleich horses.


In this picture are just two of my collection (well, in the foreground that is…). This is the Fjord Stallion, who I have named Bramble, and his son Juniper. Out of all the models that I own I only have two pairs of the same variety. This means I have 56 different types. Each one of my horses has a name which I remember. It’s harder with the doubles but I quickly learnt to tell them apart.


As you can hopefully see from this picture of Scar (the dark bay), Rowan (the red bay) and their son, Bailey, Schleich horses are very detailed. This family is the Hanoverian one which is just one of many full families and some stand-alones, such as my Quarter Horse, Red. The amount of detail comes from the fact that each and every one of these models is hand painted. This also allows me to tell Skye and Breeze and Rowan and Vixen apart as no two models are exactly identical! Take this next lot for example:


This is the Lipizzaner family. Bella Donna, the white mare with the grey mane, Pluto, the typical white stallion and their son Thunder. Now my friend has the same model as Pluto. Sadly I don’t have a photo to show you so you’ll have to take my word for it but her Lipizzaner stallion is much, much darker than mine with a strange yellowy-tinge. This just goes to show how massive the variations can be!


Here is my full herd. I hope you enjoyed learning all about my collection!

The hooman xx

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