Split from Mum and Cheeky Goings-On

The hoomans were planning on separating us a wheek back but the Grandmummy hooman couldn’t take the babies plaintive wheeks. There was also the question of which baby whee would be keeping. Grandmummy wanted Carrot and Mummy wanted Cocoa. Mum won in the end, the guinea-pigs are her pets after all. This meant she got the final decision and it was decided that Cocoa would stay with us.

Saturday is clean-cage day so, today, the hoomans dug out the old small cage which they use in emergency situations. It is rather small but the babies are little and they won’t be staying with us for much longer…

So, today, after a day of playing out on the grass, three of the four girls were taken from me. I will miss them but I stopped feeding them a wheek ago and they haven’t squeaked for me at all since being seperated. It is clear to me that they are ready for the next step up. In fact it is Cocoa who seemed the saddest, wondering where her sisters had got to. She has settled down now with me and Billy and whee all slept on grass-full bellies.

The other day I did a post on how I sprayed Billy due to his unwanted ‘affections.’ Well, today, I was very glad of his affection (if you get what I mean…) so the hoomans were very glad that Billy is neutered. “No more babies thank you very much,” they say!


Cupcake xx

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