Break In The Rain

When whee woke up this morning it wasn’t raining! All of us checked outside, looking up at the big patio doors which stand at the end of our room to see what the weather was deciding to do today. For once, it wasn’t wet! The windows were dry and, though the day was overcast, there was no rain. Perfect chance for a nibble on some grass, methinks.

It certainly was! The hoomans deemed it warm enough and, out whee went. Whee were very happy to get our paws back on the grass. Straight away our heads went down and our little mouths were searching for strands of grass to nibble on, nommy!

I love the grass. Well, I love any food really but there is something special about this simple plant which sustains life for so many. It’s delicious. That may seem odd to you hoomans but, for us piggies and rabbits, it really is the bees knees!


Whee enjoyed the break in the rain as much as the hoomans did, they went off into town to do some shopping. After all this rain, the dry ground was a very welcome sight, even if the clouds were grey!

Billy xx


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5 comments on “Break In The Rain
  1. Lucky you!!!!!! I can’t wait to nibble on the grass again…..not just piggies and bunnies eat it you know – we cats (well, SOME of us anyway) love a good crunch of the green!!

    Hugs, Sammy

  2. So glad you got some fresh grass.

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