Cocoa In The Herb Garden

Our run out in the garden is one the hoomans bought from the local petstore a few years back and they are forever complaining about it.

“It’s very poorly designed with only one door at one end, making it hard to get the piggies.” ~ the hooman

Whee, however, love this design as it means whee can hide at the end and watch them as they try and get us. Normally whee are the last to be taken in. The cage is lifted up and whee run in a line over to Pip and Mop’s run where we hide in their hidden section and are then collected. This went without hitch for many long months as Billy has been doing this for years and I gladly follow him into the hidden part where whee are then picked up and taken back inside. But, today, my daughter did things a little different. I’ll let her tell you about it.

Cupcake xx

Hey guys! Cocoa here! I’ve been going out on the grass for a while now and, until today, whee were able to be picked up from our own run but whee decided to make some mischief on this fine Caturday and stayed furmly at the end of our run where whee cannot be reached. The Grandmummy hooman therefore lifted up our run and out whee trundled.

At first whee ran in a line, me following Billy and my Mum around the rabbits run and towards Pip’s mountain. Then I got a bit sidetracked. One of the rabbits was still in the run and I stopped to watch him while my family hurried off and into the other run. When I looked round – they were gone! Needless to say I was a little bit worried and lost. The hoomans were standing right next to me but I didn’t know what to do and raced off in the complete wrong direction, oops!

Hooman Mummy came to pick me up and I let her get very close before I hurried towards the little wall that separates the main garden from the herb garden. I hopped down and into the rosemary bush. Then began the very exciting game of ‘Catch the Cocoa!’

Grandmummy hooman and Mummy hooman were at either side of me, making sure I did not fall out of the herbs and onto the patio below. The drop is why the hoomans never let us run in the garden without supervision. The older pigs are very good and know where it is, they never cross the wall but I was scared and so, I jumped down into the herbs which is a little bit lower than the main garden. The hoomans were relieved I decided to hide in the bush rather than falling straight down onto the floor below.

Luckily I was in no danger as I had my two hooman guardians watching over me. I was quickly caught and put back inside to wait for my mum and my uncle Billy. They won’t be trusting me again soon, I reckon! Looks like they will have to come up with a new method of catching me. Perhaps a new run is in order?


Cocoa xx

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2 comments on “Cocoa In The Herb Garden
  1. Oh my goodness cocoa, what an adventure!

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