Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Hey guys! Pip here, yeah, it’s me again. Oh I missed you all lots, sent little wheeks to you each night, I did! The weather has been absolutely pawful these last few days. Rain non-stop. Whee were given a few hours out on the grass a couple of days ago when there was a reasonable afternoon but whee are missing our lovely days outside when the weather is lovely!

Rain makes the grass grow, apparently but what’s the point if whee then can’t eat the grass when it’s long because it’s still raining?! That or the Grand-Daddy hooman comes and eats it all. It’s amazing, he and this machine just hoover up the all the grass and make it short and not quite as nomable. He doesn’t need this machine, whee can make it short for him, whee volunteer gladly for that!

But, for now, whee must wait for the sun. Whee hope it comes soon as this has been a miserable half-term for our hoomans as they have been trapped in most days. Mummy went on a horse-ride this morning and came back absolutely soaked!

Go away rain, whee have had quite enough, thanks!



Whee don’t mind the rain in the winter as it is too cold to go out on the grass anyway but when it ruins our summer whee are not best impressed as you can see from these pigtures!

Pip xx

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6 comments on “Rain, Rain, Go Away!
  1. We are also just a bit tired of rain…….but then again it could be worse – it could have been winter and we would have had FEET of snow instead of inches of rain!!!

    Hugs, Sammy

    • At least in winter whee are inside and can enjoy the warm. It’s hard for me and Mop as whee are outdoor piggies through the summer so like the sunnier weather. Snow is awful though, yeurgh!
      Pip xx

  2. Miserable rain! It’s no fun looking at grass from inside. I hope it goes far, far away, soon.

    Love and licks,
    Cupcake the Dog

    • Whee hope so too! Luckily whee guinea-pigs don’t have to go out on walks effurryday or whee would get very soggy like I’m sure you would if you had all this rain! Tomorrow promises to be a bit brighter but whee don’t know if whee trust the weather forecast…
      The Pigs xx

  3. Pet Care says:

    Better rain than snow! But then again, I prefer the sun of course. I’m sure you guinea-pigs can’t wait to go out and hop in the grass, hmm? 🙂

    • Too right whee can’t! Whee are all very excited and looking forwards to the next sunny time so whee can to outside. Grass is so delicious. You are right though, snow is much more yucky than rain!
      The Pigs xx

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