Whizz Pig

Whizz, my beautiful Peruvian X Abyssinian passed away on October 20th last year. He is a wonderful, gorgeous beautiful boy and I miss him every day. He never put a paw wrong and was lovely to everyone. He has left a lasting impression on my heart and I will never, ever, ever forget him.

I love you pretty man xx

From the day when Mop first popped her surprise on us you were special to me. I remember how people would ‘coo’ over Dusty but my eyes were only for you. I was so terrified that Dusty would be a girl, if you didn’t have a partner it would have meant giving you away. Thankfully Mop had given us two little boys and our journey together began.


You and your brother were, and are, wonderful little bundles of joy. Your heart is made of gold and you were super in every way. You, Whizz, were so settled, so relaxed and you were my sanity. Whenever I was sad I could count on a cuddle with you to make me happier.


You were always willing for a snuggle, you loved to sit in the crook of my arm and spread yourself out as far as you could go. You’d ‘pancake’ in an instant and I could sit for hours with you in my arms. You never once pee’d on me and every poo you’d do it would go straight into your mouth where you would hold it until I placed you back in your cage. It would make me laugh to see you spit it straight back off before going charging off with Dusty.


I love you Whizz. Thank you for being such a wonderful pig to me.

The hooman xx


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