A Little Revision Snack…

Recently our hooman has been getting me out of the cage a lot. I sit on an old towel on her bed while she does all her revishun, I guess she just likes the company! It was the same old story today, I sat there nice and quiet while she did her revishun.


Then, all of a sudden I spotted something! It was dark brown and hung in long strands, almost like hay. Yum! I thought and so, I started to munch. Nom nom nom nom. I guess it didn’t make the hooman very happy. Turns out it was her hair!


Of course, I did my best ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ smile but she wasn’t very happy with me. I don’t know why, that stuff tastes disgusting! Have any of you every gotten into trouble for munching on your hooman’s hair?

(Turns out you might get some carrot if you try it… She must have thought I was hungry! Tehe!)


Love from,
Dusty xx

Posted in From the Piggy Lips

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