Mummy Returns To A Vet Trip

I returned from my camp yesterday to discover that Thistle, our beloved lop cross had lost condition while I was away. His coat was ragged and, though rabbits do lose hair in the warmer months he looks very ragged unlike Rosie whose hair falls easily off of her, leaving her sleek and grey and gorgeous like normal!
Sadly, in Thistle’s case, his fur was falling off him in clumps. Now, this could just be down to the heat and he could just be a raggedy rabbit who malts in an odd way. However, he has also lost weight and is starting to feel quite ‘spiney’ – this being my very untechnical term for a rabbit whose spine is very easy to feel. Luckily his isn’t yet visible to see but it is very prominent when you run your hand over his back. The strangest thing is he is still very heavy and his belly is nice and round with health so we reckon he must be eating enough even if his spine can be felt.
He also seems to me less energetic. Thistle is never the bounciest of bunnies but he just seems even less bouncy at the minute. Therefore, the two rabbits (Rosie for company) are off to the vets at 11:10am, this morning. We have amazing vets who care deeply about the animals and supported me through losing Whizz last October.
Little Whizz became poorly very quickly, losing all colour from his nose and mouth. In the fear that he would be put down on the day we rushed him to the vets, Saturday, I was sobbing my heart out in the waiting room with him on my lap. Whizz hated the carry case due to an extended period of frequent vet trips to our old vets after Billy and him had a fight which resulted in a painful abscess upon his back. This meant he had to be held in my arms or would panic and shiver crazily. They gave us medication that day and, as I happened to be due to do work experience the following week promised me that if he didn’t recover I could bring him back in on the Monday morning and they would keep him in. However they did have high hopes that the medicine would work and he would make a speedy recovery. Sadly, this was not to be. On Sunday afternoon Whizz, quite literally, crashed. He began to fit, his legs no longer holding him. It broke my heart to see my beautiful boy unable to stand, shivering and pushing himself around the cage rather than walking. It’s hard to see a pet who, only three days ago was fine, suddenly turned into a faint representation of what he used to be. He died while we were rushing him to the emergency vet service. The rest of that week while I did work experience they were very supportive of me. Losing my guinea-pig meant I could barely eat or sleep. I loved that piggie with all of my heart and was devastated at his death and the vets helped me to get through the first week of losing him.
We have amazing vets and I’m sure they’ll know just what to do for our big man, Thistle!




The hooman xx

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7 comments on “Mummy Returns To A Vet Trip
  1. So sorry to hear about Whizz and we hope Thistle will be alright. It’s such a helpless feeling when one of our “babies” is sick and we can’t help them…..

    Hugs, Pam

    • It is a horrible feeling. Luckily our vet seems to think that Thistle is only acting this way due to the warm weather. She said that we can keep putting him outside on the grass with shade, as we always do and, instead of just drinking water (as we normally provide) we must give him a container of water to lie in if he wishes! His thick pelt and stocky body makes him get quite warm.
      Thanks Pam, Whizz was my baby boy, well, he still is. I miss him a lot…
      Susannah xx

  2. PigLove says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this my friend ((hogs and snout kisses). XOXO – Bacon

    • Thanks for the kisses Bacon. Turns out he should be fine. A possible bit of gut weakness is all. Thistle could well be eating Rosie’s morning poos for a while as her gut is healthy and should help his if it is a bit weak!
      Susannah xx

  3. Sage says:

    I’m so glad Thistle is going to be fine. The heat in summer can be very hard on our furry friends.

    • It can indeed, especially on those with a bigger coat. We’ll make sure to give him a water dish to lie in as the vet suggested, should he need to cool down. I’m so relieved to know it isn’t anything more serious!
      Susannah xx

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