Another Check-Up In Two Weeks

Luckily, I come with good news! The vet seems to think that Thistle will be fine and no medication was given to us. His messy coat is due to it being the malting season, he just happens to be malting in a very rough way which makes him look very raggedy! I, for one, cannot wait until his coat regrows back as he doesn’t look very handsome at the minute.
Also, he weighed about 3.95kg despite his ‘spineyness’ so there are no worries with his weight! However, due to the fact he was last weighed a year ago at his annual injections we are taking him back in two weeks time for a weight check-up to make sure he isn’t losing any grams!
We also get to find out if Thistle likes a bath. It has been advised that, when out on the grass, we give the two rabbits a huge water bowl in which they can lie, should they want to cool down more than what the shade and the drinking water is allowing them to do.


I also have a little secret to tell you all (don’t tell Pip, eek)! On the day of Thistle’s check-up we have also booked in our mini ginger man for an operation. We have made the decision to castrate Pip as he HATES being on his own and we fear for how long Mop actually has left, her being five. Also, if he’s castrated successfully, Pip can have Cocoa or Cupcake as a buddy leaving Mop to return to her son, Dusty, so that they may live happily together for however long they have left.
Despite the lack of cleaning underneath, Mop is still very much herself. She doesn’t move much, apart from to eat, but she never really did anyway! Dusty is still full of energy and I pray he will stay that way for a very long time for he’s a super little pig and I can’t bare the thought of losing either of them.

Susannah (a.k.a The hooman) xx

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2 comments on “Another Check-Up In Two Weeks
  1. We’re glad to hear about the good news! WE hope Thistle’s coat regrows back soon! 🙂 xx Roxy & Tigerlino ❤

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