Pawly Eye

On a Saturday whee would normally introduce you to a ‘star’ but, instead, whee have to tell you about me, Cocoa. This morning my Grandmummy rushed me off to the vets. When cleaning me out she noticed that one of my eyes was very grey and cloudy.

The vet said I had a grass seed stuck in it. Something which I love so much really hurt me! My eye is all cloudy at the minute but it apparently looks better than it did earlier… I have some fusaphalmic, don’t know if that’s the right spelling but I am a piggie, drops to put in my eye. It’s horrible! They held me down and dripped something gooey into my eye. Not nice. Ah well, they said it would help…


Sorry about the bad picture quality but my eye is all cloudy…

Cocoa xx

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6 comments on “Pawly Eye
  1. Oh Cocoa I’m sorry about your pawly eye but you have to endure being given those drops – they will help your eye feel ALLLLL better! Be brave!!

    Hugs, Sammy

  2. brionyisaacs says:

    Hope you’re feeling better, Cocoa xx

  3. Cats & Co says:

    Hope it’s all going to work!

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