Speedy Piggy

I gave Mum the run around, I did! Proper speedy and all that. Reckon I could win a race if I tried. Not the ferret race, nah, that’s not my ball-park but a proper piggie race. Sure I could. I’d be the best, naturally! I mean, if the colour of my coat doesn’t scream ‘lightning’ then what does?

Sorry, just feeling a bit pawesome today. Its been three wheeks since my operation. It healed amazingly. Plus, and this has to be a bonus, my rumble has gotten deeper since that day! Seems odd, doesn’t it? Now I can’t ‘do the deed’ I have a rumble that makes females even more friendly with me. My old rumble really did make my Mummy laugh (How rude, I can’t help how I am!) Ah well, my rumble is nice and toned now. Sort of like Billy’s though he’d never admit it. Both of ours are much deeper than Dusty’s. Perhaps we could get a video for you one day? I’ll pass that onto the hooman if you’d like to see it! Living as we do with three males and three females, rumble-strutting is a regular occurance! Even Cocoa and Cupcake join in sometimes. Mop rarely does now. She’s quite old I guess. Not young like me! Aww, Mop, I love her. She looks after me, even if she does steal my carrot!

Now then, back onto the topic. Speedy Piggy. For I am him and he is me. Talking of racing, I wonder who’d win if me and Dusty had a full on sprint. He may look skinny and insignificant but that pig can shift! It’s pretty pawesome really. Not quite as pawesome as me, naturally. I mean, who is? Sorry, there I go again! Mop says I can come across as a bit arrogant from time to time. I don’t try to. I want you all to love me as I love you so I’d hardly try to be that way, would I?

Hope you enjoy this little video of me whizzing around! I certainly enjoyed making it. Mum got her hands well scratched on the brambles, oops! I didn’t though. I’m small and just went under them to watch her failure.

Thanks for reading and watching, maties!

Ooh, get me, sounding like a pirate! Laugh out loud, eh? I’m very amusing, naturally.

Pip xx

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