Camera Shy

Some of you may be wondering why you see very few photos of me, Pip. Basically I am extremely camera shy and won’t sit still for a second, unless I’m in my cage of course! When on my Mummy’s lap I charge around, up and down from her shoulder to her stomach. She calls me a loon-pig. Loon-pig? Nah, I’m just energetic!

So it then became my Mum’s mission to take photos of my handsome face. It took rather a long time but, eventually, she managed to achieve two photos! Enjoy seeing me while you can, I won’t be sitting still again for a loooong time!



Aren’t I handsome? Mop, however has no such photophobia!


‘Til next time, chaps!
Pip xx

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4 comments on “Camera Shy
  1. Mummy says Basil is often the same. The trick is to set up a new area they’ve never been, sit them in it and snap some really quick pigtures while they adjust to new surroundings. Either that or giving them a well lit tent and taking pigtures in there when they hide. Mummy has to use her camera’s sports setting for fast moving objects to get pigtures of us ^_^

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

    • Ooh, a special setting for fast moving piggies, eh? Sadly our Mum just uses her phone and has no such fancy kit. Shh, guys, don’t tell her how to take photos of me, now she’ll be unstoppable! Quick, run away from the camera!
      Pip xx

  2. Ah elusive to the camera eh? Rutherford was like that for a long time.. now he is a big ham. Wheee think you will be one too… well, not in a literal sense.. er.. you know what we mean. You are all naturals for the camera… Lots of collie hugs for we luv piggies, squeels on the other hand…..

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