Mummy hooman and Grandmummy hooman have suspected for a while that I, Cupcake am pregnant. So, when they took me to the vets the other day they warned the vet that I wouldn’t be able to have the injection that Billy was given as it could hurt the babies.
After giving me a check over the vet, too, thinks I am pregnant. Therefore there are probably babies on the way here at my house. I’m going to be a mum!


If the hooman’s calculations are correct, going on the time when they got me then it shouldn’t be long before the bubz come along, probably only three to four wheeks!

I’m starting to get really plump but the hoomans haven’t exclaimed in delight yet at feeling the babies move so whee are all pretty sure that they are at least three wheeks away. So I, Cupcake, could well be a mum if the hoomans and the vet are correct.


Look how plumpy I’m getting. So yeah, suprise effuryone!

Loving wheeks to you all,
Cupcake xxx

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4 comments on “Pregnant?
  1. Congratulations, Cupcake! I had puppies when I lived at the shelter a long time ago.

    Love and licks,
    Cupcake the dog

    • Looks like both Cupcakes will have a turn at being mums then! The hoomans keep giggling whenever they hold me because my babies move from side to side in my belly!
      Cupcake xx

  2. Laika says:

    Congrats Cupcake. And now…I have nominated you squeky guineapigs to the Sunshine Award. Check out my blog and claim it. Have a great day.

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