Billy’s Trip to the Vets

Tooday I went to the Vets so that the vet could look at the scabs on my back. As she parted the fur on my back I was incredibly itchy, constantly turning around to try and sink my teeth into both her and my skin. Skillfully, though, the vet was able to avoid my sharp teeth as she showed my hoomans what I had been doing and why.

Most of my skin looked okay but, in the places just in front of my hips, my skin was all scaly and, in places, I had even made myself bleed with my constant fussing and scratching!

Then followed the most horrible thing! She stuck a needle in me! The vet lady said that I had ‘mange’ but that my cagemate, Cupcake, wasn’t affected. In order to treat it I had one injection tooday and need another one the same time next week. Another needle!

I was desperate to get back in my box and, even though I hate it at all other times, I hopped back in twice. No way was I staying on that table. Once I was safely back in the carry case the Vet-hooman gave Cupcake a check over and…

Well, that’s a story for tomorrow!

Upon my return home I immediately flopped in my cage, I couldn’t even be bothered to move one foot-paw from where my hooman had placed me. Night, night guys!

So tired after the vet trip...

So tired after the vet trip…

Wheek to you later!
Billy xx

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2 comments on “Billy’s Trip to the Vets
  1. Oh noooooo! Needles are so yucky! Hopefully it helped the itchies though!

    Hugs, Sammy

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