Buying Affection

Sometimes the fastest way to our hearts is through our stomachs. Our aunt bought this for Mum’s hamster. We’d have been a better but hey ho, I guess Misty can have it.


Buying affection, DEFINATELY, done right!

Pip xx

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Cleaning Corner

It was clean cage today. Yeah, the humans popped us out of our home and rolled up all our food and bedding into some odd sort of sausage which she then pushed into a big black bag. We have been saving that hay all wheek! The cheek!

So, while whee were forced to wait for our home to be put in proper order. It took furever, no respect these people. While whee were waiting, our hoomans set up a little pen fur us to enjoy.

They put newspaper on the floor and put a cardboard box fur us to hide under. It was much more fun to destroy, naturally. Some things you just have to do, like making a mess for the hoomans to tidy up. Hah! Hah hah hah!




See you later guys,
Billy xx

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A Reminder

Once upon a little piggy time,

Our Mummy forgot to do a blog post for a whole month! Oh yeah, don’t get scared, this could be a horror story… She went on her blog-typing machine and looked at the small glowing screen with all the little multicoloured boxes and there was one she did not click.

That button sat there unloved. A light blue one with a double-you on it. It sat there, all alone. Whee often looked at that open-app-up and thought about life. Whee squeaked and squeaked at her but, sometimes, mummies are deaf and they don’t hear us properly.

So whee decided that whee would have do to something about her forgetfulness. Whee searchered around and found a pen. Time to write a message, hehe!


Now she can never forget about that blue double-you button ever again. Each night when she goes to bed, our message will stare at her from the wall. Watching, waiting. That way whee can always share our pigtures with you, and our stories.

Whee don’t care about schoolwork as much as whee care about our furfriends ay-kay-ay all you guys!

Cocoa xx

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Friendly Friday

The hooman is having her birthday party tonight. Whee pigs are not impressed!


Turn it down! Ah, whee got given loads of love. Mummy’s friends all adored us. Cupcake even went for a cuddle in the party-room. She’s just so laid back and loves the love.

Whee have crazy parties when it’s our birthday so whee really can’t complain.

I’m joking! Whee’re good guinea-pigs.

Billy xx

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Attack the Spout

All whee piggies drink differently. Pip, Cocoa and Mop nicely sip away at their water. I do things with a bit more vigour. Is there anything wrong with that?

OI, you, give me water! Tug, pull, chew, attack, bite!


Billy keeps telling me there is nothing wrong with the bottle. He drinks like a gentleman, of course. My big man Billy is very neat about most things. I beg to differ.

Give me water faster, foul bottle! Fight me, you metal spout!


Do you think insulting it will help? Ah, I really have lost my patience. Being a mum taught me a lot but patience can only last for so long…

Cupcake xx

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Very Naughty Hooman

Our hooman has been very naughty recently. Do you know why? She hadn’t written on our blog. Not once, not once in ages. Shame on her whee say. Shame on our Mummy!

Yes, whee know you have a lot of school-work but what about the homework whee set you? The blog-typing-machine wasn’t really made with piggy paws in mind, was it? That’s why whee need her. She’s the only one who can aid us in our blogging.

You know, whee reckon the hooman might be even naughtier than the rabbits and that is saying something!


Whee mean, look at the mess they made! Honestly, whee pigs are the only well behaved creatures in this house. Whee are a model example to all!

Mop, Billy, Pip, Cupcake and Cocoa xx

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The Photo Album

Mummy doesn’t ever want to forget her babies. When Whizz died she went down to the local Kodiak machine with her memory card and printed pictures of him off. Since then she has kept this photo album to which she will add all passed piggies.

Since his death only another two of our furfriends have died. As I’m the nephew of one and the son of another I was given the job of telling you about this album. Pictures of Dusty, Whizz and Stumpy will stay furever in its pages. While their spirits run free up above, Mummy can look and know and remember those she loves.

But life goes on, whee five still squeak for our tea. She just wanted me to tell you about it as she added Dusty to its pages today, 13 days after his death.


Thanks for reading effurryone, today I shall sign off with my full title:
Billy Whizz xx

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