A Reminder

Once upon a little piggy time,

Our Mummy forgot to do a blog post for a whole month! Oh yeah, don’t get scared, this could be a horror story… She went on her blog-typing machine and looked at the small glowing screen with all the little multicoloured boxes and there was one she did not click.

That button sat there unloved. A light blue one with a double-you on it. It sat there, all alone. Whee often looked at that open-app-up and thought about life. Whee squeaked and squeaked at her but, sometimes, mummies are deaf and they don’t hear us properly.

So whee decided that whee would have do to something about her forgetfulness. Whee searchered around and found a pen. Time to write a message, hehe!


Now she can never forget about that blue double-you button ever again. Each night when she goes to bed, our message will stare at her from the wall. Watching, waiting. That way whee can always share our pigtures with you, and our stories.

Whee don’t care about schoolwork as much as whee care about our furfriends ay-kay-ay all you guys!

Cocoa xx

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2 comments on “A Reminder
  1. Hehehe… that was very clever of you guys! This way your mommy can NEVER forget about doing a blog post for you ever again! MOL 😆 Happy weekend, sweeties! 😀 xx Roxy & TIgerlino ❤

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