Rodent Cousins

Whee had a special cuddle with our Mummy today. Me and my dearie, Pip, settled down in the hooman’s room to watch what has to be one of our favourite movies – The Chipmunks! Of course whee must be thrilled. Aren’t they family after all? Whee are related to celebrities! Pip wonders how closely related he is to Alvin, Simon and Theodore. Much closer than me I reckon. He does have a chipmunk look about him. Oh my sweet, I am joking. It’s a funny sense of humour whee older pigs have. You know I’d never mean it.




It really was lovely and comfortable. Even if Pip did keep rumbling beside me! It’s a habit of his. A little rumble strut every now and again. Anyway, I was nice and warm and happy. Whee had a good movie to watch. What more could whee want?


Mop xx

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6 comments on “Rodent Cousins
  1. Me and Nellie think you look very comfortable sitthing here with your hooman. Unfortunately Me and Nellie are a bit too big to be able to sit on our mummy and daddy.

    • Yes, you are rather, aren’t you? Ah well, you’ll be able to snuggle up beside them without the fear of being squished. That is always a bonus! Not that our Mummy would squish us, we’re just rather small, aren’t we?
      Mop xx

  2. What a fun cuddle, watching cousins on TV. Sweet!

    Love and licks,

  3. PigLove says:

    Ya’ll look totally comfy and look at the snuggling! I love to snuggle – one of the best things in the entire world isn’t it my friends? XOXO – Bacon

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