Feed Me

Whee creatures love food! Whether it be veg, fruit, hay, grass or pellets – whee really do love to eat. It is a huge part of our day and whee pigs always need a supply of fresh hay to munch on. I was having a cuddle with Mum when the Grand-daddy hooman came in.

He pretends that he doesn’t really like us pets but whee know he cares for us really! The Grand-daddy hooman has a particular love of the hamsters and it amused me to watch him feed pellets to the hamster. Unlike whee pigs who will only eat the nuggets from the bowl, Misty will take nuggets from the hooman’s fingers and is always very careful not to bite them!

I expect veg to be pushed through the bars and any nuggets are ignored unless they are in my bowl where they belong! Hamsters, however, like to store their food and Misty popped it straight into her pouch to scurry down her tunnels so she could hide it under her bedding. Disgusting habit really as she also keeps her poos in that corner! Whee pigs would never be as disgusting to poop where our food is…. Actually, that’s a lie. Whee poo on our hay all the time and won’t eat it once it is soiled!




Misty’s pellets don’t look as tasty as ours but she isn’t complaining!

Pip xx

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5 comments on “Feed Me
  1. Not only isn’t she complaining, she’s climbing the bars to get it. Maybe she knows something we don’t know…..

    Love and licks,

  2. Looks like those pellets must be very desirable…..climbing the bars to get to it is a good indication of YUMMY!

    Hugs, Sam

  3. Those pellets must be yummy!! Maybe you should try them too?! 😉 xx Roxy & Tigerlino ❤

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