Two Little Faces

Whee were quite happy, out on the grass, when whee saw our Mummy come out of the house. In fear she would want to take us inside whee shot into the hidey hole and refused to come out. Then everything went still.

Whee could still see the hooman but she was lying flat on her stomach by the cage not moving a whisker. Therefore I slowly crept back out. Look at this photo she took of me and Mop enjoying the sunshine in secret.


Pip xx

PS. Once again, sorry for the absence over the last few days. 20 exams is quite a lot for Mummy to have handled but she is down to her last 2 now. So close to finishing!

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8 comments on “Two Little Faces
  1. Good luck to your mom!

  2. PigLove says:

    aaww nice sweet pic of ya’ll my friends. And congrats to your mom for 18 down and 2 to go – good luck!! XOXO – Bacon

  3. You do look very sneaky! Hope Mummy has a big party planned when they’re finished 😀

  4. Hope all is ok you have been quiet xxx

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