Our Friend – The Hamster

Hello! I’m Misty! I have been mentioned here before, buuuuuttt this is my first post! This is so great. I am so excited. Can barely contain myself. Come on hooman. Let’s go! Let’s post lots of pictures. Of who? Of me of course! I’m so pretty! This is super. Can’t wait for people to read this. A blog post. A post all about me, my most favourite subject in the whoooooole wooorrrrrld!





So, yes, those pictures are of me! I have a very funny coat. Well, that’s what the hoomans tell me. I have a dark grey head. Light grey spectacles. What’s more, my fur fades towards my bum. The hair on my bum is very pale. The fur on my bum, very dark! Aren’t I just fascinating? Sorry, there I go again. I spend a lot of time grooming. Therefore I like to show myself off. A lot of people are surprised at me. They think female hamsters are all grumpy. What a horrible stereotype! I am the cuddliest hamster ever. I am more cuddly than a lot of male hamsters. Don’t judge me until you’ve met me, eh?

Sorry. I just realised how fast I must be speaking. It’s a hamster thing. We’re generally very busy animals. This, makes me fast. Very fast indeed! Well, I hope you enjoyed meeting me. I also hope I didn’t talk you all to death. The pigs would never forgive me! No forgiveness for a hamster who talks their readers to death. Wouldn’t that be an odd story to tell? Sorry, what’s that pigs? Yes, yes, almost done. Geeeeeeeez, they’re fussy! Well, this is it. Until next time. If I’m ever allowed it again. I doubt it. We rarely speak to each other. I’m an upstairs pet, you see?


Bye guys! Thanks for reading! Hope you liked it. You are all super. Yes! Every single one of you is awesome!
Misty xx

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4 comments on “Our Friend – The Hamster
  1. Hi Misty! IT’s very nice to meet you…..I think you’re adorable…..who says cats can’t like hamsters??!!! I think your coloring is quite pretty AND you have sweet eyes. So there!

    Hugs, Sammy

    • Don’t worry, Sammy. The hoomans do like my fur. In fact, they love it. They just want to know more. What is it called and the such like. But thank you, dear friend. I feel very flattered! As long as the cat doesn’t want to eat the hamster, they can be beeeeessst friends if you ask me! Let’s not conform to stereotypes, eh?
      Misty xx

  2. awww misty you are so cute!!!! I am such your humans will give you a amazing life! (i love hamsters they are sooooo sweet)

    • Aren’t we brill? Sorry, I’m all for the hamsters, naturally. But thank you. It means a lot. Thanks for reading. I have an awesome cage! Three layers! It’s amazing!
      Misty xx

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