Old and Young

Whee went back out on the grass today. Pip tends to get much more of the green spaghetti than I do. I’m getting a bit slower and, though I can still run with the best of them, I am spending more and more time sitting down. I sleep a lot more than I used to and, well, whee guinea-pigs sleep a lot! It could just be that I feel old because Pip has so much energy! These younger creatures can make us oldies feel very beaten and battered even if whee still have loads of life left in us!

Believe you me, Pip is very energetic! Unlike the rest of the males here he reacts aggressively to visual contact. Billy completely ignores both boars, Dusty rumbles whereas Pip puffs his little ginger self up and chatters his teeth. This invariably results in me being nose-pushed back into the hidey hole. He takes his job as my protector rather seriously!


Mop xx

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9 comments on “Old and Young
  1. Oh mop, you’re not old just experienced. Pip will run out of energy soon enough.

  2. Nothing wrong with taking life slow and easy, Mop. You know how it was with the tortoise and the hare….

    Love and licks,

  3. What beautiful colours you are xxx

  4. dogdaz says:

    Mop – You are the cutest. Time brings out the special pigginess that you are.

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