Looking Out

Hello dearies, it is Mop here. Recently I’ve been spending more and more time sat in this one spot. I like to settle down and look out at the garden, contemplating the world and all that goes on around me. One of the perks of being an old lady, I suppose, is having more time and finding more enjoyment in just simply being.


Oh look, it’s that mummy blackbird again. I simply love to sit and watch the birds, whee have two blackbird nests in our garden – some with tiny babies and another with bigger babies.

It’s a wonder what you can see, hear and learn from the world. It really is.

Mop xx

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4 comments on “Looking Out
  1. Whee love watching the world go by too!


  2. Blackbirds are NOISY aren’t they? I like to watch them but they really can make a lot of irritating sounds…..and occasionally “divebomb” me when I’m in the yard! Enjoy your fresh air and birdwatching Mop. We older folks need to enjoy the finer things in life!

    Hugs, sammy

    • Whee really do Sammy. I don’t mind their beautiful dawn chorus but they’re constant warning calls do get a bit much. A cat I can understand, no offense of course, as other less-noble members of your feline race would quite gladly eat blackbird pie. But me, I can’t even climb and I wouldn’t want to eat their babies anyway!
      Mop xx

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