Four Girls

Hello, my dears. It’s Cupcake here. Mummy very politely requested whether I would talk to you about my little babies. The question of which gender my little ones are has been hanging around for quite a while. The hoomans came to the conclusion that, with some weird quirk of fate, I had managed to produce four little sows. After a vet trip today to get a final conclusion on the sexes of my babies I am proud to announce that I am the mother of four beautiful little princesses!

The hoomans have decided that Carrot will be staying here with us.

A possible home was found for two of the little girls but sadly it fell through. The hoomans will keep looking, and I’m sure they will try their hardest to find good homes for all three of them.

Carrot is staying here because the Grandmummy hooman took a shine to her. The current plan is that Pip will be neutered and Carrot will be his buddy, allowing Mop to return to Dusty as she is spayed.

Whee were all so happy to find out that Cocoa was a girl, it would have broken the hoomans hearts to have had to seperate a single male as he would have been all alone. For now whee can all live together.


Cupcake xx

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4 comments on “Four Girls
  1. Your humans are so smart to know exactly what to do for all of you. Yay for Carrot! One home found…. The easy way.

    Love and licks,
    Cupcake the Dog

    • It’s all down to Grandmummy getting to attached, and there was Mummy trying desperately not to. Looks like she can get attached to one after all!
      Whee all hope that they’re found good homes, even if it does have to be the hard way…
      Thanks Cupcake,
      Cupcake xx

  2. Mummy says she could not bear to give any of them away if they were ours! They are just too adorable!

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

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