Fort Knox

The hoomans put us all out on the grass this morning while they were cleaning out our cages. All of us guinea-pigs were put safely into a run on the grass where whee could nibble away to our hearts content.

Then Mummy looked out and I was charging around another run! I hadn’t got in, mind, but I was whizzing around the outside antagonising the inhabitants. I’d escaped by pushing the door open!


The evil, naughty hoomans then preceded to jam the door shut with this piece of wood (once I was inside of course!) How very dare they…

Mop, however, approved of this idea. She thinks out there is dangerous – “pah”, wait, what was that?!

Pip xx

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6 comments on “Fort Knox
  1. SNEAKY!!!!!

    Hugs, Sammy

  2. Whee would have done the same thing. For that matter Mummy would have reacted the same way!

    • Mummies are boring aren’t they? They spoil our fun. Mop keeps trying to say that they want us to be safe and to appreciate how lucky whee five awe as whee are all rescue pigs and now have Mummies that love us. Sometimes that girl is too smart for me. I dunno, I just wanna have some fun!
      Pip xx

  3. Clowie says:

    I expect it will be jammed in future now you’ve been seen escaping. You’ll have to watch very carefully for another opportunity to go exploring!

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