An Uncomfortable Job

Whee pigs are generally creatures of luxury. Whee like to spread ourselves out, nestling in hay, flat on our sides with either eyes open or eyes closed. Basically, whee love to be comfy! This can sometimes be a long job when whee are being cuddled by a hooman but eventually whee will find somewhere that is satisfactory.

Cupcake, however doesn’t have such a luxury at the minute. I’ve been watching her from the comfort of my own cage and those little babies are never off her for a second! When she’s eating, their beneath her. Drinking, they’re beneath her. Even though only two can drink at once, all four like to be beneath her where they feel safe and loved.

She certainly has developed her balancing act very well!


She has learnt how to curve her body over the babes, while continuing to eat!

Luckily they to, are beginning to enjoy new possibilities. Several babies have begun to try nuggets over the past day, they certainly have good taste! Nuggets are yummy!


Dusty xx

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4 comments on “An Uncomfortable Job
  1. So glad to see the babies are doing well! Cupcake sure has her paws full with that balancing act šŸ˜€

  2. Oh she is a natural with her babies sweet xx

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