Easter Day

Hullo dere, tis Thistle agin. I’ma bein’ allowed to do this ‘ere post cos it’s Easter today and that means the ol’ Easter Bunny comes fur a visit.


I weren’t very ‘appy, I can tell ye when this strange ol’ rabbit did come an hopping into tis very room where we live. I were like ‘oi’ dis ma patch but he seemed a nice guy and gave us nice tings tae eat say he can’t be all dat bad!


Thistle, you do realise, dear, that the Easter Bunny isn’t the real meaning of Easter?

Eh? ‘E ain’t? That great lop-eared ting certainly did seem tae think he was rather h’important and h’all!

Yes, Thistle, no doubt he is important but we celebrate Easter because it is the day when Jesus died for our sins.


You know, darling. The hoomans go to church every Sunday, don’t they? They’re going to say thanks to him.

Oh, well den, I guess we h’animals had better join in.


Thank you Jesus for all you did for the hoomans, and I guess, us too.

‘Ope ye all have a great day doin’ whateva it is ye hoomans do.

The rabbits xx

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6 comments on “Easter Day
  1. Good post, Rabbits! Hard to believe Easter is more than bunnies, but you nailed it with the perfect reminder.

    Love and Easter licks,

  2. Lovely to see your bunnies 🙂 true Easter is not about rabbits xx

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