Meet the Little Pigs

We don’t know the genders of yet as they are very little and I’m not as good as I’d probably like to think I am at working out the genders! Once it becomes obvious we will be sure to let you know who is what. We have also given them all nick-names, they will not received their real names until they are older.

All the nick-names are sticking with the theme of Cupcake’s name. They are all food related and all begin with the letter ‘C’.

First, meet Cookie: the biggest of all the babies.


Next, Cinnamon: most like Cupcake in colouring and pattern.


Then, Cocoa who is mainly dark agouti with little ginger trousers.


Last but not least, here’s Carrot: the smallest of the babies.


The hooman xx

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8 comments on “Meet the Little Pigs
  1. Oh they are so absolutely totally ADORABLE!!!!!!

    Hugs, Sammy

    • You were pretty cute as a baby too, Sammy! I’ve seen photos of you when you were dinky and you were adorable!! I’ll be sure to tell them you think so, I know it will make them very happy.
      The hooman xx

  2. PigLove says:

    Hello my fellow piggies. They are so adorable! XOXO – Bacon

  3. Babies! They’re gorgeous!

    Love and baby licks,
    Cupcake the Dog

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