Better Photos of the Babies

Whee did a post first thing this morning telling you of the birth of the babies. The photos weren’t brilliant but a bit later on in the day some more photos were taken. Enjoy!





Love from,
Cupcake (and the little ones) xx

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16 comments on “Better Photos of the Babies
  1. Oh they are just so adorable!!!! Are they all doing well? Mom and babes??

    Hugs, Sammy

    • They appear to be doing so far, thankfully! They all had their first taste of hay early this morning when Mum ventured from the hut to eat. Everything seems to be okay and I hope it stays that way.
      The hooman xx

  2. Glad to hear they are doing well so far. Have you weighed them yet?


    • Not yet but am planning to do so very soon, some time today. I’m very worried about stressing them and, or, Mum out but they’re a day old now so weighing them quickly shouldn’t be too much of a worry for her, right?

      • Handling the babies will not affect their bond in any way. Technically you should weigh them within hours of the birth. It’s the first thing mentioned on that link I sent you promising that it is fine to.

        Hope this reassures you


      • I did read the post but it also says to weigh them between 1-2 days of their birth as they don’t start putting weight on until 3 days. I will be sure to weigh them within the limit. It does reassure me, thank you.

  3. so cute!!! How lucky you all are!!!

  4. Bongo says:

    They are so cute – and they aren’t like newborn baby mousies. They already have fur.

    • Yes, thankfully little piggies are born with open eyes, functioning ears and fur! They nibble on hay almost straight away. Apparently it’s the equivalent of a human giving birth to a three year old child! No pink hairless beans in the guinea-pig world!

  5. dogdaz says:

    Toooooo cute. I miss babies. They are perfect from the start. Congrats!

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